February 25th, 2016


Thursday fic recs

4 new Kirk/Spock recs added to my recs site:

  • TOS Postmortem by Aconitum-Napellus- ADULT

    I’ve read this before so I’m not sure why it wasn’t on my recs list already. Spock is convicted of murder on a non-Federation planet that has the death penalty. Fortunately, his executioners have never studied Vulcan biology. So now he’s on the run, extremely sick, and remembers committing the crime. This is a great mission fic with a determined, belligerent Kirk, and of course the situation leads seamlessly to sexytimes. Features a charming blushing!McCoy.

  • AU Celebrate the Earth and Sky by Aerlalaith- ADULT

    In a dystopian future where Earth does not develop warp capability, Spock visits to find out why and winds up rescuing Kirk from a desert. What follows is a satisfyingly complex political tale with a lovely simmering background of K/S.

  • TOS What You Wish For by Amanda Warrington- ADULT

    I read this when it was published in T'hy'la and am pleased to see it's now online! This is a new twist on Amok Time using alien intervention to give it a great twist that I won't spoil.

  • Reboot Betrayal by Ashaya T'Reldai- ADULT

    Warning for mind rape. Kirk and Spock are busily living happily ever after when Kirk is attacked by aliens on a mission that mess with his head and make him unfaithful to Spock. In most fics they would realise what happened and get over it. Ashaya, however, is a sadist who wants to hurt your soul. They do get over it (that's a spoiler, but you won't be able to read this without knowing that's true), but it takes twenty-something years. Every stage of the resolution is agonisingly slow, so the ending is tremendously rewarding but oh so bittersweet. Fair warning: I did not sleep a wink after reading this.

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