Rhaegal (rhaegal) wrote,

Thursday fic recs

2 new Star Trek recs added to my recs site:

  • TOS Associations by aldora89- ADULT

    Post-TMP shore leave in which Kirk and Spock spend some time alone to find their feet in their post-"simple feeling" relationship. Spock is eager but hesitant, and this leads to some delightful awkwardness.

  • Reboot The Best Laid Plans by notboldly

    Concern for Spock leads Jim to try a spot of consolation via a pseudonym on the Starfleet equivalent of match.com. It all goes very You've Got Mail, and is really quite adorable. I actually like Reboot!Jim in this; I found what he does to be quite cruel, but unintentionally so, and it all works out okay. I love how much he cares, even though - at the start of the fic - he and Spock aren't even close.

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Tags: fandom, k/s recs, star trek
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