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I can't believe it's only three and a half months until KiScon!

Just wanted to mention a couple of things you may or may not have seen (apologies if you have!) about this year's convention.

Firstly, we're letting the members vote on which programme items they want to see at the con. There are about 40 to choose from - far more than we can fit into one weekend! - ranging from the sociological impact of Star Trek to the much-debated issue of Spock's virginity. There are also talks on the history of artwork in the fandom, fanvids, newfangled photomanips - and yes, I'm offering to geek out about science again. If anyone wants me to ;-)

To cast your vote you need to be registered for the convention; if you are, you should already have received the login details for the website (if not, please prod me). If you haven't yet signed up, here's a handy link. Go on, you know you want to.

As an added bonus, that link even works now! Yeah...so it was just pointed out to me today that last time I updated the code I sort of broke it. Sorry! So if you tried to sign up recently and got a blank screen and no email confirmation, please go and sign up again, and I owe you a drink at the con.

Also! A gentle reminder that we're now down to just two rooms in the main building. We have extended the overall limit so that we don't have to turn anyone away from the con, but once those two rooms are gone any further accommodation will be in a different building. It's all on the same site and only a short walk, but, well, it's not a proper convention if you have to wear shoes, is it?

We're also taking submissions for the con zine and for the art and vid shows, and you don't have to attend the con to submit to any of these (it's recommended, of course, but we know the fandom is spread all over the world and those lazy physicists have yet to come up with a viable transporter).

Speaking of which, I should really start on my zine submission. No idea what I'm doing yet, except that it will be Kirk/Spock (obvs!) and probably TOS movieverse... just, y'know, for a change...

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