Rhaegal (rhaegal) wrote,

Thursday fic recs

3 new Star Trek recs added to my recs site:

  • Reboot A Thousand Furlongs of Sea by ashkitty

    The crew get transported to an Enterprise on the high seas in an alternative history, and Kirk and Spock get to resolve some issues. Really nicely written adventure story with a side-helping of K/S.

  • Mirror Tiger Burning Bright by Carolyn Spencer- ADULT

    The story of how Kirk and Spock meet in the Mirrorverse. Much softer than your average Mirrorverse story (which is why I was able to read it!). I really enjoyed the slow wearing down of barriers once Spock arrived.

  • Reboot Artistry by corpus_invictus- ADULT

    Can't believe I somehow missed this one! Henna hand art + Vulcan hands = a mighty steamy PWP :-)

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Tags: fandom, k/s recs, star trek
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