Rhaegal (rhaegal) wrote,

Thursday fic recs

2 new Star Trek recs added to my recs site:

  • Reboot Arena (the Walk Without Rhythm remix), PG-13 by chosenmortal

    A reboot of the TOS episode Arena, which makes far more sense than the original episode. Deliciously plotty with a clever resolution, and a nice subcurrent of K/S.

  • Reboot The Morning After the Earthquake by ladyblahblah- ADULT

    This is truly, gut-wrenchingly horrible, and the first time I read it I couldn't bear to rec it. I came back to it recently, though, and, argh, it still destroyed me. Spock is meant to be marrying Uhura, but he wakes up on his wedding day with Kirk. There's no way this can end well for anyone involved, but what I like about it is the sense that Kirk and Spock have this inescapable destiny that's usually played in a happy romantic way, but in this case is tragic.

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Tags: fandom, k/s recs, star trek
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