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Thursday fic recs
Woohoo! Worked this time. The havoc a missing full stop in your code can cause!

7 new Kirk/Spock recs added to my recs site:

  • TOS For Today by Kembas- ADULT

    A nice long pon farr fic. I like the fact that it's not all perfect, and they have to adjust to maintain their professional relationship.

  • Reboot Not So Friendly Nectar by kenshincha

    A fun bodyswap fic. Ends a tad abruptly, but I like the fact that Kirk is respectful of Spock's body and doesn't immediately run off to masturbate in it (although, y'know, those are fun too...).

  • TOS Second Decent Destiny by kenshincha

    An interesting tag to Amok Time: what if T'Pau hadn't got Kirk off the hook, and he'd lost his command? Very sweet.

  • TOS Have Another Good Night! by KS TLan- ADULT

    Kirk finally clues in that he wants Spock, and drives himself crazy trying to conceal it. I love the build-up of tension, and Spock's responses throughout.

  • TOS Of Dark Places by Mary Kay- ADULT

    Kirk is lost in a dark cave, awaiting a brave knight - er, Vulcan - to rescue him. A lovely h/c fic with near-death confessions, insecure!Kirk and all that good stuff.

  • Reboot With My Feet Toward the Stars by rinsbane- ADULT

    The Enterprise gains sentience and begins to communicate with Spock through telepathy. What makes this one stand out is the beautiful, lyrical quality of the writing. I love the way the Enterprise's personality reflects her crew, the way she helps Spock to recognise his feelings for Kirk, and the turmoil of Spock's thoughts.

  • Reboot 5 times Jim Kirk wrote a love letter and 1 time he got an answer by TYaen

    Very sweet; I especially like Ruth and Bones, and of course the declaration to Spock (using chess!) is adorable.

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This one cannot be accessed: With My Feet Toward the Stars by rinsbane

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