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Thursday fic recs

3 new Kirk/Spock recs added to my recs site:

  • Reboot Mine by Dawn_twilight- ADULT

    A short-sweet PWP. Just the thing if you need a quick pick-me-up.

  • TOS I Should Have Gone Left by Fugitive

    Author summary: In the movie STV, Kirk tells Sybok that he knows there have been instances in his life when he has gone right when he should have gone left. A lovely series of moments where things could have happened and didn't. I especially like the understated post-TMP resolution.

  • TOS A Computer And A Plan by Mary Kay- ADULT

    Spock sets out to seduce Kirk, and comes up with what is basically my idea of the perfect date - dinner in a tacky theme restaurant and musical theatre! I love forward-but-hesitant Spock.

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