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Thursday fic recs

8 new Kirk/Spock recs added to my recs site:

  • TOS There's No Sunshine Without You by ariadnechan- ADULT

    Just a short piece, set in the later movies which don't have nearly enough fic! Spock is away Ambassadoring and Kirk misses him.

  • TOS Convalescing by Charlotte Frost- ADULT

    Classic Space Husbands fic. Spock has Vulcan Flu and Kirk gets to play nursemaid. There's a subplot that doesn't really go anywhere, but that's okay because it's all about the schmoopy romance.

  • TOS The Hustler by Courtney Gray- ADULT

    A young Spock conducts "research" at a pleasure house with a friendly whore named Jim. Thirteen years later, he welcomes his new Captain aboard the Enterprise. Very sweet; I love the virginal but not at all reluctant Spock.

  • TOS Dare by J S Cavalcante- ADULT

    Rescuing Kirk from a dangerous mission forces Spock to relax his controls, and extreme hotness ensues. I love the way the author makes Kirk submissive without compromising any of his determined, confrontational nature.

  • TOS A Matter of Biology by M E Carter- ADULT

    A delicious pon farr fic. Set during that ceremony on Altair VI, which is a nice bit of continuity. I love the way Kirk tries to be unobtrusively supportive despite the rising tide of jealousy.

  • TOS All This Time by M.E. Carter- ADULT

    Shameless romance set after the events of Galileo Seven. Under pressure from Ferris, Kirk has to balance realisations of his feelings for Spock with his professional duties. What I like about this one is that they don't agonise over their relationship, it just happens.

  • AU Beautiful Vulcan by Tkeyla- ADULT

    A retelling of Pretty Woman, with Spock as the hooker and Kirk the wealthy businessman. Long and sweet and has doses of Disney and super-awesome extrasolar planet-viewing futuristic telescopes, all adding up to the perfect guilty pleasure fic.

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