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Thursday fic recs

8 new Kirk/Spock recs added to my recs site:

  • TOS Two Words by CatalenaMara- ADULT

    A gorgeous sequel to the novel Ishmael. I love how the experience changes how Spock feels about living among humans, and the way he and Kirk tread so carefully. The downside to telepathic sex is a lovely touch too.

  • TOS Cultural Differences by Fugitive- ADULT

    A visit to Vulcan gives Kirk some insight into some of Spock's behaviour. This is sweet and fluffy, and the ending is absolutely perfect.

  • TOS Military Man by Fugitive- ADULT

    A very rare thing: a first time set after ST5! There isn't nearly enough late-movie fic, and what I love about this one is that the author gives a reasonable explanation for why they haven't been together all this time, and it's not Spock who's the unapproachable one. I very rarely see Kirk's brusqueness in fanfic, and this is an excellent example of it.

  • Reboot Only Human by htebazytook- ADULT

    Shameless PWP :D

  • Reboot Misbehave by mklutz

  • Reboot Home-Cumming by Pamdizzle- ADULT

    [Kirk/Spock/Spock Prime] I am a massive fan of Spock Prime getting some action, and this is an extremely hot PWP. Spock Prime can smell his younger self on Kirk and pretty much loses control, and the image of older Spock being hopelessly turned on? Yeah. No redeeming qualities whatsoever, but when you have hot Spock-on-Spock action, who needs plot?

  • Reboot Belonging by simoneallen- ADULT

    A mission forces Kirk and Spock to meld, which reveals Things. I love the use of original aliens to bring Kirk and Spock together.

  • TOS The Glade by simoneallen

    A sweet fic in which a disturbing dream causes Jim to go to McCoy, who plays the unwitting matchmaker. I especially like forward Spock in this one.

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