The New and Improved Phantom

I've just seen the dress rehearsal of the new production of Phantom of the Opera, which begins previews for its 25th anniversary tour tonight. I honestly cannot describe how amazing it is; far from being a scaled-down version of the West End production, it's actually bigger and better.

I was devastated on Sunday when, halfway through a 16.5 hour coach trip to see the opening night of this show - originally scheduled for last night - I received a phone call from the theatre to say that it had been cancelled. I was given a refund and offered free tickets to the dress rehearsal the day after I was due to leave - so naturally I did what any fangirl would do; I splashed out on another night in a hotel, a new return coach trip and arranged to be "sick" for a couple of days.

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Whew! That's all I can remember off-hand, but I'm seeing it again in 20 mins so I may come back and edit...

Overall, there are some changes I'm unsure about, but generally it really is spectacular, and I sincerely hope some of the new stuff ends up being worked into the West End production.

And the really cool thing? I just saw the dress rehearsal for a brand new production of my all-time favourite musical from the same position in the same theatre that I saw my very first musical back in 1994. That in itself was absolutely worth the 16.5 hour coach trip.

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Thursday fic recs

3 new Star Trek recs added to my recs site:

  • Reboot Jealous Orbits by dreamlittleyo- ADULT

    A series of sex pollen incidents results in much angsting and some serious jealousy issues. This is only short but it's one of those intense, possessive jealous!Spocks and it's seriously hot.

  • AU Creep by littlebirdtold- ADULT

    Complete meta-fic: a modern-day AU in which Kirk and Spock are so named because their parents were Star Trek fans. They're also in K/S fandom. The rants about fandom are funny, and the K/S parts are hot - and without giving anything away I thought the ending was perfect.

  • Reboot Occam's Razor by mattmetzger

    A sweet bit of established relationship fluff. Jim is working up the nerve to propose to Spock, and finds keeping secrets in a relationship with a telepath presents all sorts of problems.

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Thursday fic recs

2 new Star Trek recs added to my recs site:

  • TOS Captain Do You Play? by Liz Ellington

    Sweet fic set when Kirk first takes command of the Enterprise. His perceptiveness in his first impressions of Spock and the way Spock reacts to him beautifully set up the relationship between them seen in the series.

  • Reboot Nail Job by verizonhorizon- ADULT

    Cadet Spock goes for a naughty manicure, assuming no one on Earth would realise how taboo that is for a Vulcan, and his manicurist is one Jim Kirk. As usual with Veri's writing, the premise sounds like crack but is written so well that it doesn't feel absurd.

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New vid!

So tracionn linked me to this lovely song at the weekend, and casually mentioned that it needed vidding, and gaveitallforyou was kind enough to give me permission to use it :-)

ALSO, OMG, my K/S quilt from cjmasters arrived!! I donated the cost of materials for the one auctioned at KiScon, so she very kindly made another one for me at cost :D

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Isn't it pretty? :D

I kind of want to go out on the pull now just so I can terrify someone with my K/S obsession :-p

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More Phantom squee

My Phantom of the Opera DVD *finally* arrived, only four days after everyone else's (this is what I get for ordering direct from RUG instead of from Amazon like a normal person).

Obviously I am very excited, because even though I've had the cinema feed for a month, this one has ~*~slightly different camera angles~*~ w00t! Plus, y'know, it's legal, which is nice.

I am also very, very excited to finally see the trailer for the Love Never Dies DVD :D

I am sad that it's the Australian production they've filmed, because I would have loved to have had a DVD of Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess. But from what I've seen/heard, the Australian production is a massive improvement on the London one, so I'm looking forward to seeing it immensely. Plus, look, isn't it pretty?

(And yes, I know I slated LND in my original review last year, but if you switch off your brain so you're not too confused by the nonsensical book, the score is gorgeous. Plus, I'm an E/C shipper and it's really just a couple of hours of live fanfic.)

I should really get on and finish the K/S vid I'm making for tracionn to an LND song so that I can share the love :-)

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Three things...

Thing the First: My K/S recs have moved. The masterlist of d00m is getting too unwieldy, so I've been thinking about switching to just using my delicious list for a while now. However, then the Delicious Incident happened, and it's currently all but useless, and I thought dammit, if you want something done right you just have to do it yourself...

Hence, my new recs site.

It's a work in progress, but everything from my K/S list is now on there, and you can filter by pairing, trope, etc., so hopefully it's more useful than the old static list anyway?

Please have a play, and do let me know if anything breaks; I only learned php to make the KiScon site, so it's entirely possible I've screwed up somewhere :-)

Thing the Second is massively overdue, but the weekend before last I went to see the 25th anniversary of Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall, and it was amazing.

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I paid £180 for my ticket before finding out they were streaming it live to cinemas, but I don't regret it for an instant; it was totally worth every penny.

If you're lucky enough to live in the US, Canada or Australia, I believe they're repeating the cinema screenings throughout October. The rest of us have to wait until November 14th, when it's being released on DVD!!! I am ridiculously excited about this, because there's never been a filmed version of the musical (staged, I mean; there's the 2004 movie, but the less said about that the better). The DVD is available for pre-order on Amazon. Seriously, go order it now, you don't need to read the rest of this post.

Thing the Third is even more overdue, but the weekend before Phantom I was at TitanCon in Belfast, the not-a-Game-of-Thrones convention that was all about... Game of Thrones :D

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KiScon UK announcement

KiScon is coming to the UK!

Yep, apparently awarrington and I are gluttons for punishment, because we've decided to do it all again, albeit closer to home this time. The dates are June 29th - July 1st 2012, and the location is Buckinghamshire, England.

The venue is perfect - only 30 minutes out of London (and 30 mins from Heathrow), surrounded by English countryside. All of the accommodation, convention space, dining room and bar are self-contained in one building, and we'll have it all to ourselves, which means no worrying about offending the Muggles with our slashy t-shirts ;-)

The membership fee is £240 if you book early, which is all-inclusive: two nights' accommodation, all meals, plus the convention itself, and you can choose to pay in installments if you prefer.

We're using much the same format as KiScon 2011 - panels, art and vid shows, the banquet on Saturday evening with a costume competition. And most importantly, hanging out with other K/S fans for a whole weekend :D

We're limited by the number of bedrooms in the convention building to just 35 places, so please sign up early if you want to come. You can join online, and we can take payment by cheque or PayPal.

(Incidentally, since this one's in the UK, it's so nice to be able to say 'cheque' instead of 'check' :-p)

I had to teach myself PHP and MySQL from scratch in two evenings to make that website, so please prod gently me if you run into any problems with the membership form :-)

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Gifts of porn

So I made a vid which might be a little too adult for Youtube, so I offer it here for download: Dangerous Game (NSFW, even by the lax standards of my office).
The premise should be a familiar one: Spock has to achieve sexual release in order to survive pon farr. He's still alive at the end of Amok Time, ergo...

I also come bearing recs, a mixture of new stuff and some that came up in conversation at Kismet which were missing from my list. These have all been added to my masterlist of d00m, of course. As usual, TOS except where marked STR for Reboot.

First Time

STR Three Kisses by asmallplot
Three short snippets of Kirk and Spock's relationship. There are very few words here but they say an awful lot, from the slight desperation in Spock's initiation of their first encounter to the things he doesn't say in the second part.

Little Sorrows by Dovya Blacque - ADULT
It turns out bonding with Spock is the only cure for Jim's insomnia. What's a Vulcan to do? In this one, I like the way the relationship evolves organically.

Love and Logic by Dovya Blacque - ADULT
A sweet post-Gol fic. I especially like the way their time apart has aided their understanding of themselves, and that they approach being together in a much more adult way than they might have during the 5YM.

Alien Sex

STR Hypnotic Vulcan; or, how Spock ruined Jim for all other beings with his mind by janice_lester - ADULT
How is Spock going to tame James T-for-Tomcat Kirk and convince him to settle down into an exclusive relationship? Why, by making the sex so awesome that he can't enjoy it with anyone else, of course! Supremely hot PWP.


STR Scent Memory by fadagaski - ADULT
(Spock Prime/ Gaila) Why, I hear you ask, is there Spock/Gaila on my K/S recs list? Well, this is angsty as hell, and it's the K/S that makes it so. Spock Prime is in pon farr and Gaila's all too happy to help him out, but they both know it's Jim he wants.

STR Within Reach by littlebirdtold - ADULT
When Spock dies in a transporter accident, Jim completely falls to pieces, and his obsession ends up finding the means to bring Spock back. I mostly like this because of the way Kirk's grief is written (and the fact that it's safe, because the death is temporary). After Spock's return, Kirk's obliviousness kind of makes me want to slap him, but Spock is written with lovely endearing subtlety.


Clouded Memories by chibinecco - ADULT
Kirk and Spock crash land on a planet with no memory of their past. The development of their relationship under the amnesia is really nicely done, but what really makes this one stand out is the twist in the final part.


STR Allowed to Touch by blue_jack - ADULT
Spock gets hit by a lust ray, with endearingly hilarious results. I especially love the awkwardness of it all and Kirk's exasperation.

Outsider POV

Report from the Rim by Carolyn Spencer - ADULT
A brilliant, classic take on the Outsider POV and Prison tropes, structured as an interview with another inmate affected by what he saw of Kirk and Spock.

The Tirizan by JS Cavalcante
A Betazoid matchmaker eyeing up Spock is an unwitting catalyst. I love Spock in this, the way his scientific curiosity and acceptance of IDIC overrule his Vulcan reserve.


You'll Pull Through by Kerinaty
Beautifully made vid juxtaposing McCoy's "the word love isn't written into your book" speech with the epicness of Spock's relationship with Kirk, and turning into a lovely mind-meld-gave-me-feelings Kirk/Spock Prime.

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